Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello from San Francisco :),
     Today we worked at our second location. Part of the group (everyone except for us and Kaylin because we are apparently too young to work with the kids.) went to work with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. They apparently had a blast. We worked with the "Meals That Heal" and the Salvation Army. One guy that worked there was really nice and commented on our beautiful color creations that we made with Shampoo. Yes, shampoo. We delivered meals to the people that couldn't get food for themselves or were physically not able to do so. The man that helped us deliver meals, said that we might be the only people they see ever which was really sad :( . We saw the Union Square and City Hall and they were really big. We walked, and walked, and walked. We just walked a lot. While we were walking we saw a homeless man with a cape on running around in circles, mumbling to himself incoherantly and a nice businessman walked by us and said, "That's Our Mayor!" We went to the beach later on. It was FREEZING! And one extremely intelligent boy dove into the water. (no name mentioned because we will get in trouble). Then we went into the well- known showers. We then finally got back to the church. We had Taco Tuesday and then had CLUB, which had a skit that happens with each CLUB meeting. It consisted of Eggs, Fainting, and Filming. We then got together in our church group. We talked about God. We had lots of laughs. Lots and lots of laughs. Well, we have a long, early day tomorrow, so we better get back to our cramped little room that's full of snores and where we have to wake up to a number of musical alarm clocks.

~ <3
Maggie :) and Sarah :)


  1. Alright who dove in to the ocean? My money is on Hunter. Glad you are having lots of laughs. Take care of Dan and Jackie! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Good guess. It's almost time to come home because we are running out of caffeine here in SF, good night
      Dan & Jackie