Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last Night in SF

What an AMAZING night!! I seriously have never cried so much in my life. There was so much Love going on tonight and you could just feel God's pressence all around and within everyone. I feel so blessed to have gone on this trip again and have an entirely different experience. As it was our last night, we had the tradional washing of the feet and learning that we are here to serve and not to be served. The youth work leaders went around and washed our leaders feet and then our leaders came and washed our feet. Before we were even done, pretty much everyone had broken down crying and praying to our lord. There were tears of joy, peace, hurt, praise, and comfort. Over this week we have grown close with many of the people from the youth groups from Colorado and Kansas. We were all crying and hugging and praising together and glorifying our Lord. I have never felt so much peace and love in one place before and it was truely amazing and a work of God! He brought us all together and our youth group has become like a family! I am seriously going to miss everyone I have met here, but I'm also glad to be going home and seeing my Family and friends and sharing my experience with them and my new even deeper love of God! Thank you to everyone who has helped us getting here to San Francisco and for praying for us. It truely has been an Awesome experience and I wouldn't take it back for all the money in the world! God Bless You All and Good Night ! :)
~ Emily Andersen

Jackie and I feel so blessed and privileged to have spent this week with our youth. They are so enthusiastic and fired up to serve God! Our faith walk has grown thanks to them and the people we have encountered this week.
Thank you, parents, for raising such great kids. The future of the LCMS and CLC is in great hands.
                                                                   Dan & Jackie

                                                         Wednesday night devotion
                                            Thursday at Project open Hand (we lost Hunter)

Working at the food bank on Thursday

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