Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day One

Today we flew into Oakland California on an airplane. :) There was some turbulence. It was very bumpy. We proceeded to claim our bags where Haley had trouble opening her suitcase handle. We got a 12 seated creeper van, with no air conditioning where we held most of our luggage. We also got a Ford Expedition that was very squished. After we checked into the hotel and the girls took a walk to Target and Jamba Juice while the guys went to the gym, most of us went into the jacuzzi, where we received extremely small dish towels to dry ourselves. Then we met up at six and walked to an Italian resaurant for dinner and came back to the hotel with ice cream and had a devotion. We started with a prayer then went on to discuss our history. Maggie had an idea that was later dismissed. We then ended with a prayer. And disbanded. Now everyone knows about Kaylin's rabbit that died from being licked by her dog and had a heart attack :( which apparantly is very funny. This trip has been a learning experience.

                                        -Jenni and Kaylin

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