Monday, July 9, 2012


          Today one of our groups went to the food bank. Our group though went to the tenderloin      Boys and Girls club to pretty much play with the kids. We began our service to the community by connecting to the future of the San Franciscan society or the youth coloring and various games could be played from the classic game of Ms. Pac-Man to the present games of the Wii and Ps3. As Lunch arrived we able to go outside and spend a little recreation time with the children. After the fun of Zombie Tag we entered a more relaxing environment of reading with the battle of Boys vs. Girls (book report contest). After this we constructed 3D Art with popsicle sticks allowing the children to express their imagination. Sadly our day with the children was quickly over and we had to leave our new young friends.

        Our after event consisted of a walk over The Golden Gate Bridge. God blessed us with a breath of wind to blow away the constant San Fran Fog which revealed the towering span of the bridge. A truely beautiful sight of the bay of San Francisco. After this we went to our luxury shower at the Balboa Pool which consisted of several showerheads all turning on at once with a handle that resembles a urinal in the Mens Restroom.

       All and all a truley wonderful experience that inspired us and we're exuberated for the next three days.

                                             Allen Middlebrook & Hunter Johnson

spending time with the kids

                                                                      at the Bridge

We were formed into crews (teams) this AM. I am with 9 of our kids and Jackie is with 3 of our girls and 2 girls from another LCMS church from Colorado. My crew went to the boys and girls club in the Tenderloin which was really an eye opener; we realized how blessed we all are. Jackie’s crew went to the food bank and, with other volunteers, processed 45,000 pounds of vegetables. They were super tired.

 Our youth are doing great, they are very positive in spite of some hardships, like the showers and lack of sleep, and they are really growing in their faith. Jackie and I are very proud of them.




  1. Keep up the good work! Glad you got to see and experience the Tenderloin. The shower thing seems like a great reason to be grateful to what we have at home. Praying and rhinking of you all often. Jim

  2. Keep up the spirit! Can't wait to hear more when you all get home.